Once your order is complete you will be notified by email.  Orders can be picked up at our studio located at 37 Elizabeth Ave. in St. John's, Newfoundland.  Orders can also be shipped, free of charge to anywhere in Canada and US.  Once your order has been shipped we will email you the tracking number.



What makes us different are the materials we use. Every moulding we sell is hand-crafted in Italy, from simple black cube mouldings to elaborate Stirling silver scoop back mouldings.

Roma owes its renown to exquisite details: meticulous applications of gold and silver leafing, genuine woods, exotic veneers, patinas, superior lacquers and finishes all done by hand by skilled artisans of Italy.



These are all real images from locations around the great province of Newfoundland and Labrador. These images have not been created, partly created or generated by computer.

All images have been taken with professional high quality digital cameras, lenses & filters on location around the world. Unfortunately, even with today's technologies, the camera does not see the world as clearly as the human eye. The dynamic range of today's professional camera is still not capable of rendering details in both the highlights and shadows in some specific scenes. Due to this limitation, some of the images have been created using several exposures of the same scene (exposed for the highlights and shadows). These exposures are then carefully combined to capture what Michael has witnessed with his own eye.